Sunday, January 27, 2008

1947project podcast #13, January 2008

The LA true crime geeks riff on cases from January 1927, including the
tale of Bad Bert Best, Mr. Wrigley's oceanic marathon, the case of the
twisted wrist and a near-deadly love triangle. Crimebo shares his
economic stimulus package with guest experts Philip Marx and Big
Dicky Swazy, plus there are odd ads from the school district, city zoo
and the Progressive Party. It's fun fun fun and gore gore gore for you
and yours.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

1947project podcast #12

On the newest edition of the podcast, our time travel bloggers share notable events of December and January 1927, including tales of poisonous liquor, hypercritical papas, NIMBYism in historic South Central and a millionairess tied up and left to die in a sack. Then there's Crimebo the Clown's sad recollection of all the ill-advised nastiness he failed to accomplish in 2007, and two new sponsors, one promising untold riches for customers who raise Huguenots in their back gardens.